The Team

Moving on from the success of 2007, The Berrow Fellows have looked to recruit some young blood for the Russian Expedition.

Tom Neal joins the team after a successful trial period through Europe in the '07 rally. He promises the likes of music, tea/coffee making and the occasional sulk, all of which have been perfected at Liverpool University.

Richard Hill works for Hills Ford the local Ford dealership

Steve Neal also lives in the village and works at Tapcast Computer Services helping to keep computer systems up and running in the Worcestershire/Warwickshire area.

"The Start of Something Good"

The Team in 2007 ready to board the Ferry

Team Berrow Fellows

Steve, Richard & Tom

Steve & Richard happen to be brother-in-laws but also enjoy the odd beer or two together wherever they can in the world. Having shared a number of trips abroad together Richard realises how grumpy Steve really can be when he’s tired & had one Babycham too many. Steve realises Richard is almost perfect in every way (Steve – you may want to edit?), although a number of inperfection were noted on both accounts in the 2007 rally. Especially Richard's threat to fly home after a couple of late nights and not enough coffee.
Fortunately, Tom has agreed to childmind the two "grown ups" for the trip, and has no disillusions of the challenge that this poses, but is confident that at least one of them will make it through the trip.



Richard Hill - 43

This is my Gap year I never had, again... The prospect of exploring new parts of the world without a tour guide showing you around kind of appeals.

Being the youngest of three children I was understandably the forgotten one, the one who had hand me downs & had to make do – all in all pretty hard done by!! (All very true obviously!)

Reality is I am extremely happily married (as Clare tells me) with 2 children, Emily  and Matthew.  I work in the family Motor Trade business so cars have really been part of my life forever. Steve and I have had an itch ever since we got over the trauma of the Mogol Rally and could appriciate the good bits, and can pass over the numerous issues, problems, fights and sulks we had. I am very excited to have Tom as part of the team and can't wait to get going again.

Favourite Food: Chocolate & Uzbekistan roadkill

Favourite Holiday: All, but skiing if pushed for an answer as well as sleeping rough in a car with another bloke in the middle of a country called ‘something-stan’

Favourite Car: Aston Martin & Fiesta 1000cc



Stephen Neal - 53

After the thrill of Mongolia I couldn't wait to explore another part of the world and the chance to enter the arctic circle is one I couldn't pass up, and was even more excited after reading about the London to Murmansk Rally.

I am the oldest of 3 and obviously the one that all rely on, the most successful / perfect / handsome etc. etc. etc.

I once went on a Ferrari test drive day.

Worcester Hockey Captain!

I have been living happily in Inkberrow for the last 10 years, with my wife Jane, and my two 2 children, first and most importantly my favourite son, Thomas (who happens to be writing this webpage), and the other one - James.

Favourite Food: Anything put in front of me that i didn't have to work for.

Favourite Holiday: SKIING

Favourite cars: TVR and Morgan


Tom Neal - 21

The idea of this trip was one which kept we going through my final year of University, and was a lovely opportunity to travel before growing up and getting a job.

Since being away from home for 3 years I felt left out so I thought this was a chance to reclaim the favourite son position.

I once went for a test drive in an Ariel Atom

Promised my girlfriend that I would act straight so that I won't get arrested in Russia so Fi and I can enjoy a relaxing holiday later in the summer.

Favourite Food: Mexican!

Favourite Holiday: Snowboarding/Hot Beach

Favourite cars: Aston Martin DB9/Corsa

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