We are currently looking for  now have a car to use. We have found a Ford Fiesta that is willing to make the journey with us.

It doesnt need to be a Rally Car or a Kit car or a Racing car or a car that needs lots of work
.... just a reliable normal car!!!!

Rally FiestaSoupped Up FiestaRacing FiestaNeeds work FiestaPerfikt Fiesta


**** STOP PRESS ****


Everything you need to know about our OOA blue car in 4 lines:

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The one litre rule
The Mongol Rally isn't about comfort and it doesn't have a great deal to do with style; what we seek is adventure. So the one litre rule was born.

What is the point of setting out on an adventure if the end result is a foregone conclusion? In this light what's the point of the Mongol Rally if you could do it in a Land Rover? The only hurdle you would face would be remembering to fill the petrol tank. Enter the crap car. Any car with more than 1000cc of umph is strictly forbidden as over-powered, and considered a risk to your ability to have fun.

Motorbikes and the 0.125 litre rule
To get some variation into the vehicle rules it seemed appropriate to allow some two-wheeled entrants. So the 0.125 litre rule was born. It works in exactly the same way as the 1 litre rule bu
t it's smaller; and it applies to bikes. If you're riding pillion you can double it.

Vehicles of significant comedy value
In a further bid to up the silly stakes we will consider full exemption from the vehicle rules for demonstrating significant comedy or unlikeliness value. Good examples would be a cherry picker or an electric milk float.

Preparing your car
If you want to make modifications to your steed of choice, by all means feel free, just remember not to make things too easy for yourself. If we decide you have made too serious a set of modifications to your car, we may impose an extra fine that will go to the charity.

In terms of essentials for equipping your car to tackle a 10,000 mile journey, all you really need is a couple of jerry cans for petrol to cover the longer of the gaps between petrol stations. Gaffa tape can fix all manner of ills. While mechanical knowledge can be useful, just think of all the extra fun you'll have by not knowing which end of a spanner to hold and getting into some frantic hand waving explaining that your car is broken to a passing Kazakh. The more that goes wrong the better - many of the best stories come from those that didn't quite make it.