Charity and Donations

One of the aims of the Mongol Rally 2007 is to raise money for specific charities. Teams are expected to raise over £1000 for these nominated charities in order to allow the team to take part.Team Berrow Fellows have chosen "Mercy Corp Mongolia" and "Send a Cow" as our nominated charities.

Close to our hearts is our optional third charity Cancer Research UK for which we want to continue the effort and raise as much money as possible.

Mercy Corp Mongolia

Mercy Corps Mongolia supports rural communities to meet their economic and social needs, helping individuals, families and communities to become more self-sufficient, diversified in their production, and better linked to local, regional and national markets. Over the past five years Mercy Corps Mongolia has established a strong reputation across the vast Gobi region, and continues to work with business associations and local organizations to ensure a robust economy that preserves ancient traditions.

Currently they run the following projects in Mongolia: Gobi Regional Economic Growth Initiatives (Gobi Initiative), Rural Agribusiness Support Program (RASP) and the Training, Advocacy and Networking Programme.

Our Safe and secure fundraising page for Mercy Corps Mongolia is live on the web using and ready to take donations at:

Send a Cow - Livestock for Life

Send a Cow is a charity that enables poor farmers in Africa to become self-reliant by providing them with livestock, training and advice. Send a Cow works with some of the most vulnerable groups in Africa, including children orphaned by war, families affected by AIDS, and disabled people.

The Secure webpage using for Send A Cow, is live on the web and ready to take donations at:

Cancer Research UK

Our important final charity is Cancer Research UK.

The Secure webpage using for Cancer Research, is live on the web and ready to take donations at:

Cancer Research UK

Thank You.


Many thanks to the following for all their help and off-line donations:

(... also thanks to everyone who has donated on-line using Just Giving - click on the images for the 3 charities)

Mr & Mrs G. Riche - Concourse Network
AVT Systems
Mrs M Hill
Mr & Mrs T J Sidwell
Kendall Wadley 
Scotts Trading 
Bill & Carol Baldwin
Mrs G M Hickman
Mrs C E Addison
Barry Allen
Laurie & Susan Read
Morcroft Property 
Doreth Engineering 
JSC Rotational Ltd
Lin & Mike Harber
Car Spares Distribution Ltd
United Paint Distributors (UK) Ltd
Turner Machine Tools
Mr & Mrs Beddall
SCC Marketing Ltd
Mr & Mrs J Alliband
Mr & Mrs Swan
R.J. Leach
Mr & Mrs Gibson
Ken & Alice Mountney 
D. T. & V. J. Johnson
Fast Fit Nationwide Ltd
Tony Hunt
Mr & Mrs R. Shepherd
John Collins
Kate & Mark Smith
Mrs. M. F. Hill
Kevin Hill - super DJ  !!!
Andrew Smith
All Clean Support Services
David and Lindsay Hill
Steve Deacon Electrics (by appointment to the G8 Summit in Scotland)
Andy and Sue Johnson
Rachel Cresswell
Smiths of Drogheda (Ireland)
Andrew and Brenda Smith
Lizzie Dankenbring
W B Jordan
John and Maggie Donaldson
Collin and Zoe Collins
Andy and Jane Forbes
Sal and Tim White
Arron Brown - Mole Marketing
Gerry and Robina Watson
Win and Richard Walton
Stuart and Adele Davies
Enterprise Rent a Car (or Van)
Brian King
Shirley Hunter
Lionel Hill
C E Clarke & Sons
Alan and Joan Watson
Julia and Andrew Neal