We have arranged a few fund raising events to help the Berrow Fellows reach their targets for Mercy Corp, Send a Cow and Cancer Research UK.

 Coffee Morning in the Pits!

Richard and Steve are very grateful to their wonderful wifes, Clare and Jane, for arranging a Coffee Morning, to help in the raising of funds for their trek.   On Friday 19th May, a coffee morning was held at Stonepit Lane (hence the name) and was well attended by the ladies that lunch!!.

A brillant £350.00 was raised - Well done girls!

Berrow Fellows Super Disco

The Berrow Fellows Mongol Rally Charity Disco was held at the Inkberrow Parish Education Centre (PEC).
The PEC is a great little venue behind the church in Inkberrow.

Kevin Hill was DJ for the evening. Kevin played great music throughout and didn't get as loud after midnight as is customary!!!
Well done Kevin.

See a collage from the disco below:


Thanks to everyine who helped stage the evening and especially every one who attended.

A great evening was enjoyed by all and £450 was raised.

Berrows Fellows at Inkberrow First School Fete


Berrow Fellows took their OOA blue Ford Fiesta Car to the Inkberrow First School Fete on Saturday July 7th 2007 from 12:30 to 3:00.

It was a beautiful day and the Berrow Fellows were selling Helium Balloons.


This was a great afternoon with loads of attractions, see the montage.


Star Event - Guest barmen at the Red Hart, Dormston - Tuesday July 10th - 7:00 onwards

The Red Hart was a great night out and over £700 was made. Steve and Richard enjoyed their time behind the bar and the night was enjoyed by all. See Below for some pictures of the night.

There will also be a short auction in the middle of the evening. The auction lots will possibly include:

Please pop in the Red Hart for a great evening and to help support our Charity fundraising!!

EHS Brann Cirencester Event week

Thanks to everyone at EHS Brann Discovery and the Agency who helped with a series of events.
Three Brannies - George, Nick and Mike came to the Red Hart Guest Barman evening.

On Thursday July 12th we had a Bring and Buy Cake day. Thanks to Liz, Tracy, Pip, Kay and everyone who made cakes. Also many thanks for everyone who bought them to go with their daily coffee regimes.

On Friday July 13th Kay Produced the best Bacon Butties you could ever want!! Even 'Health Kick' Ol enjoyed his!!!

The other event was 'Guess the Problematic Part Page' !!! THis basically means look at the Haynes manual and work out which page will show how to recover from the cars first mechanical breakdown!!


Inkberrow Young Farmers Club Foam Party - July 13th 2007

As ex-Young Farmers Richard and Steve annually help behind the bar at the Inkberrow YFC Foam party at Little Nobury.

The Inkberrow YFC Old boys perfomed this task admirably. They did seem to come out of the barn at regular intervals looking bemused and bewildered due to the ... shall we call it excessive .. noise of the music - or is it just that Andy J, Andy S, Simon Brian and Winston are getting old?

Just out side the Barn Jane, Clare Julia, Thomas, WIlliam, Ellie and Jess we frantically preparing Cheese Burgers and Bacon Butties. We just about kept up with demand and made about £600 for Cancer Research UK.

The foam party itself was a fantastic spectacle. The sight of foam all over the barn floor and covering the party goers was amazing. Unfortunately, it was so popular that over 200 youngsters were turned away. Well done to Inkberrow Young Farmers for their great organisational skills in event planning.

This is normally a WAS a wild night!!!


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